There is so much to do before the big wedding day and so many things to think about! Some things, like your photographer or venue, should be booked way in advance but other things are last minute and often times those are the things that can be the most stressful.

Should you get your teeth whitened before the big day?

It depends –

Do you want your pictures to be perfect?

Do you care what your memories look like 10 years from now?

If you answered yes – then yes you want to add the White Smile Diet to your list of wedding preparation.

Some people prefer to do their own teeth whitening at home and some prefer to have it done by the dentist. If you are willing to hire a professional to take your photos at your wedding, to do your make up at your wedding, to do your hair at your wedding, I recommend you hire a professional to get your white smile ready for your wedding too! Your pictures are one thing you do not want to risk not turning out. You are wearing a white dress. You want the smile to match.

There are all kinds of diets that many brides start trying out as soon as that engagement ring goes on their finger. Keto, Intermittent Fasting, The Paleo Diet, Whole30, Dash Diet, and the Mediterranean Diet are all just a few of the current trending diets for 2019. How do you know which diet to try or which one will work for you and your body type? What cravings do you need to ignore? What grocery store aisles or restaurants do you need to avoid? The great thing about the White Smile Diet is that it works for every body type! You don’t need to ignore your cravings with this one and you barely have to do any work at all. Somebody else does it for you! #winning

How Long Before My Wedding Should I start the Teeth Whitening Process?

As soon as you book your wedding date you may want to schedule your appointment with your dentist. You only need to book 1-2 weeks before your wedding and optimal results will last 4 to 6 months. Plan for it and schedule in with your dentist in advance so it doesn’t become one of those little stressful things you forget about. The dentist will have it booked in their system so you will get that extra reminder closer to the date!

Are you getting Engagement Photos?

You may want to schedule appointments for 2 separate occasions depending on how far apart your engagement and wedding photos would be. Guess who else is going to be in your wedding photos? Your closest gals! Teeth whitening also makes a great gift for your bridal party!


The White Smile Diet Process

Is it better to get teeth whitening done by a professional, or to do it yourself at home? Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Is your wedding day the day that you want to take that risk to find out if you can do it just as good as someone who went to school to learn how to do it and does it on a regular basis?

Professional dentists use a stronger gel than you would find at the store. At home you may need about 14 times to get the same results as one visit to the dentist. Save yourself the money, time, and stress!

Whitening can be more effective if your teeth are cleaned first. Your lips may get dry during the process so remember to hydrate them with some health lip balm before you go. There are also laser, and permanent options. Touch ups are recommended about every 4-6 months and the dentist can recommend at home products to help extend the duration.

After the treatment you should avoid some drinks and food for the first 24 hours:

    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Red wine
    • Coloured alcohol, or fruit juices
    • Dark staining food
    • Spaghetti sauce
    • Soy sauce
    • Red meat
    • Fruit

Try drinking these drinks with a straw to abstain from future stains.

Think of your teeth as a white t-shirt – if it would stain the shirt it might stain your teeth too.

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