The Great Outdoors Month With Stroud Dental

June is a great month to get outside and enjoy the sun, however, many of us may feel too busy with other tasks to take the time to do so. Although we all have hectic lives, prioritizing yourself, and participating in outdoor activities should be an important part of your to-do list as well! 


Founded in 1998, The Great Outdoors month was created to help celebrate nature. It serves as a reminder to explore Canadian wildlife and the abundance of outdoor activities our world has to offer.  No matter what you love doing, you are bound to find at least one hobby to enjoy in the sun. Take this time to wind down and give yourself the well-deserved rest you need! 

With that being said, this month, Stroud challenges you to get active and enjoy the outdoors. Although we may be going through a challenging time right now, this is a great opportunity to get our mind off the negativity and celebrate what our backyard has to offer. 

Safe Outdoor Summer Time Activities 

Below is a list of pastime activities you and your family can do during The Great Outdoors Month. Whether you enjoy exercising outside or just sitting back to enjoy the scenery, there is an activity for you! Take this time to enjoy summer even while social distancing.

  1. Use Local Trails for Walking, Hiking, Running or Biking 

Utilizing the space around your town is a great opportunity to break a sweat, free of charge. Using trails to exercise allows you to explore your neighbourhood, while also releasing some endorphins and improving your mood. Listed below are a few options for your family to enjoy, next time you want to get outside and be active.

2. Relax by a Local Beach 

If you are looking to enjoy the Great Outdoors month by sitting back and relaxing, setting up a beach day is probably for you! This is a great way to receive some vitamin D, get a tan, and then cool off in the water. While at the beach, be sure to follow your town guidelines regarding social distancing to keep your family safe! Check out the Top Beaches in the Innisfil area here.

3. Check out the local Campground

If you and your family are looking for adventure, overnight camping might be the best way to enjoy the great outdoors this month. Camping is an excellent excuse to unplug from the world for a little bit, get some quality family time, and appreciate the little things in life. 

4. Utilize Your Backyard

Looking for a new and creative way to enjoy the great outdoors this year? Use your backyard to your own advantage! Set up a picnic on the grass, put together a soccer game, or even build a backyard movie theatre. During these warm months, the options are endless, especially when we use our imagination! Below, we have attached some ideas to get you started!

Stroud Dental is proud to say we operate in Innisfil and provide service for the local community. We are passionate about our community and supporting local organizations.  Be sure to support local businesses and organizations when you can and use this list to get outside and enjoy the outdoors this month. Also, take some time to share it with your friends and family. It is important to remind one another that even though it is good to stay busy, it is also important to give yourself some time to get outside and relax! 

To learn more about our Stroud Community and how we enjoy the outdoors, check out our Team Page or feel free to reach out!