A Mouth Guard for Your Kid

If you’re like most parents, enrolling your child in sports is a must. Once they turn the age of 5, it’s time to fit them for skates, cleats, helmets. After all you want your kid to wear equipment that won’t just fit but will prevent severe injuries. One...

Tooth Friendly Ideas for Halloween Treats

Halloween is just a few weeks away, meaning you might be trying to find ideas for Halloween treats. The holiday has become synonymous with toothaches and cavities due to the amount of sugar being handed out. Tooth decay has even been considered the most...

Bruxism – How You Get It and How To Prevent It

Bruxism - one of the worst silent killers of the dental world. Known commonly as an involuntary grinding of the teeth, bruxism is an issue millions of people deal with daily. It can happen while driving your car, while at work, or worse, while you sleep. Many who...

Are You Avoiding The Dentist?

Let’s be real for a second. Nobody truly LOVES going to the dentist. In fact, 40% of adults say they avoid making appointments for as long as possible or even indefinitely.  There are plenty of reasons some people hate going to the dentist and our goal is...

Your Child’s Dental Health: Everything you Need to Know

Your child's dental health is an important part of their development, especially their first dental milestones. As a parent you keep track of your babies first words, first laugh, first smile and first tooth, but what about their first dentist appointment?...

Oral Health: A Clean Mouth for Overall Health

Saliva Says a lot About Your Health You may not think your mouth says much about your overall health, but oral health is considered a ‘window’ to wellness. Doctors can identify a lot about an individual's health from just a simple saliva swab....

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Patient Reviews

Awesome company
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Carina Barros

Awesome company and super friendly staff!

Very good team!
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Breanna Thorn

I went to Stroud dental on monday for the first time in 13 years..... I was so afraid to go. The experience was amazing. They made me feel comfortable. Jess is very good at her job and gentle. I didnt feel embarrassed or shamed at all. They made sure I got my x Ray's up to date and informed me, my old x Ray's had baby teeth in them. Very good team! Happy I went in and faced my fears.

We highly recommend Stroud Dental!
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Shawna Toole

My husband is terrified of going to the dentist and after convincing him to go to Stroud Dental for the first time he has now been 3 times! The staff is absolutely amazing and made him feel safe and comfortable! He actually looks forward to going to the dentist now. Dr. Peleg rocks and the girls are a hoot. We highly recommend Stroud Dental!

The best experience I have ever had!
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Cassandra Dickson

Stroud dental was the best experience I have ever had! The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, it was very clean, fast and efficient. thank you for making my smile beautiful! I would highly recommend this dental office.

A wonderful place to bring your children.
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Logan Beau

Stroud Dental is a wonderful place to bring your children. The staff are amazing with my sons, one of which is on the autism spectrum. They are patient and understanding of his quirks. If you’re looking for a great place for dental work check out Stroud Dental.

We couldn’t be more happy.
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Keith Shay Smeets

We have been patients of Stroud Dental for over five years!
They have the most amazing team, who make you feel comfortable, welcomed and part of their family!
They are so patient with our 15 month old daughter, and us!
We couldn’t be more happy with everyone at Stroud Dental!

Family, friendly!
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Dana Donaldson

Family, friendly! Have always been great with my kids. Always a pleasant experience.

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