Let’s be real for a second. Nobody truly LOVES going to the dentist. In fact, 40% of adults say they avoid making appointments for as long as possible or even indefinitely.  There are plenty of reasons some people hate going to the dentist and our goal is to make it an enjoyable event. After all, who doesn’t LOVE a beautiful, clean smile! Stroud Dental is not like other dentist offices who keep calling you to guilt trip you into scheduling another daunting appointment. If there’s anything we know, it’s that people won’t do things when they feel pressured. 

Why People Avoid Going To The Dentist?

Let’s have a conversation about what makes going to the dentist such a scare. We’ll start by stating that almost 50% of the people aged 21-30 skip out on the dentist altogether. That’s very unhealthy for you and your mouth! You should be getting cleanings done every 3-6mths and check ups with the dentist every 6 mths. If going to the dentist is so important, why do people continue to not want to go?

How Many People Go To The Dentist Anually In Canada

Do Your Friends Go To The Dentist?

It’s a crazy statistic that 50% of young adults (20-30 yr) don’t go to the dentist and about 20% of the rest of the adult population do the same. They may feel that If others don’t do it, why should they? Also simply put, the less something is discussed among peers, the less likely the thought crosses one’s mind. Remind everyone you love to visit the dentist and how important it is. 

Feel Like You Don’t Need to Go to The Dentist?

We often say things to ourselves like, “Do I really need to go to the dentist?” “I don’t need to go”. “It’ll pass.” “I’m just sensitive to certain foods”. Does this sound familiar? 12% of Canadians reported living with ongoing pain last year. Avoiding the dentist can make matters worse and increase the likelihood of serious health problems. No human is immune to dental issues and negligence shouldn’t be a reason for having them. 

How Do You Make Time For The Dentist?

Aint nobody got time for that! Yes, we hear you. It’s 2019, free time is a rarity in every individual’s day and when they have it who on earth wishes to spend it staring at a bright light with their mouth opened? NOBODYYYYYYY! 

A lot of dentist’s hours of operation clash with people’s availability so, taking time off school or work is a must to even go. In Canada, an estimated 2.26 million school days and 4.15 million working-days are lost annually due to dental visits or dental sick-days. That’s a lot of productivity lost! Overall, an average of 3.54 hours per year is lost per person due to dental disease in Canada, including professional treatment.

Stroud Dental has longer hours to ensure taking time off is never a necessity and we have evening availability so you can come on in after work.

Who’s Got The Money For It?

This is a big one. Anything health related can be expensive, especially if you’re uninsured or your benefits only cover a portion. Depending on what needs to be done, 1 trip could cost you a lot. 32% of Canadians have no dental insurance and can’t afford to go to the dentist.

Stroud Dental wants to help with that. They have plans to work with those who might be struggling financially or would prefer to make multiple smaller payments. We also provide direct billing to your insurance provider. 

Fear: What Are People Scared Of?

It’s an ever increasingly common phobia, dental anxiety. What exactly is it that people are scared of?

Scared of the Pain?

Yup having someone drill holes, poke at your gums, and scrape your teeth can cause quite the ache. Obviously, the more time in between visits, the increase in pain or time spent with tools in your mouth. It only seems natural to prevent this kind of abuse to one’s mouth. I mean, who seeks out to experience pain, that is, in a non arousing way (I know you were thinking it).

Stroud Dental has sedation options to help cope or eliminate any potentially painful procedures.

Scared of Embarrassment?

As humans, we often fear the judgment of others. We’re not perfect and we don’t care to be reminded of that by professionals. Hearing the inevitable lecture about flossing and brushing properly is a tiring and an annoying process, almost worse than the appointment itself. 

Knowing that you haven’t been taking the best care of your oral hygiene and then going somewhere for someone to tell you what you already know is an uneasy experience.

Stroud Dental’s job isn’t to judge. It’s to improve your oral health. Whatever your situation, Stroud Dental guarantees there won’t be any belittling comments or guilt tripping vibes.

Scared of Feeling Uncomfortable?

Stranger Danger! It can be an uncomfortable experience having a stranger (or anyone for that matter) poking around in your personal space. Whether that be the dentist or getting your hair cut. Small talk can be just as painful as the hole in your tooth. Awkward silence, heavy breathing, personal hygiene.

Stroud Dental have a very welcoming experience and ensure that your comfort is there priority. You can also opt to be asleep during procedures to avoid any fear of small talk or awkward silences you may have.

Too Lazy or Forgetful?

Hey, we’re all busy, we can’t remember everything. Even if this is the case, A lot of people tend to forget because they want to and not because it “slipped their mind”. If it really was made into a priority, then it wouldn’t be forgotten. People also just don’t want to go, plain and simple.

Stroud Dental won’t bother you with annoying phone calls that you ignore anyways. We send texts as nice little reminders that are far less intrusive and frequent than calling your home 10 times a month like other dental offices.

Should You Go to The Dentist?

Yes, If The Following Sounds Like You:

Bad breath

Morning breath, chronic bad breath could be a sign of tooth decay or mouth disease

Gross feeling

Teeth constantly feeling rough, even after brushing. This could be from tartar build up

Pain in jaw, teeth, and gums

Could be a variety of issues

It’s been awhile

You should go to the dentist at least once a year


Avoiding sweet, sugary, hot, cold foods. 12% of Canadian reported avoiding certain foods last year

Frequent headaches

Nerves sending warning signs to your head


Your body gives off a variety of warning signs of health problems. If you have acne along the jaw and cheek bones, then your body could be telling you about your oral health problems


Some obvious preventative measures are eating and drinking better, avoid sugar, exercising, quitting smoking, brushing your teeth multiple times a day, flossing everyday. Only 73% of Canadians brush twice a day and 28% floss at least 5 times a week.

What Are The Benefits of Going to the Dentist?

  • Oral cancer detection
  • Cleaning: Plaque and tartar build up
  • Fill cavities
  • Prevent gingivitis
  • X rays- see and prevent other potential problems
  • Bad habits-advice to help break bad habits and education.
  • Peace of Mind

More benefits of going to the dentist


Need Help Conquering Dentist Avoidance?

Going to the dentist is a necessary evil. Think of it like getting your car repaired. Yes, it may take time, money, and aggravation, but if that 1 thing doesn’t get fixed it can lead to much worse things. Stroud Dental understands. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to book an appointment. Whatever the reason is for not going to the dentist, we totally get it. We have some solutions that might work for you

-Open longer hours for your convenience

-Book an appointment online. No uncomfortable phone calls

-No pressure environment. Ease your anxiety, no lectures

-Family atmosphere

We will make every effort to ease your anxiety. If you would like, we can discuss a variety of sedation options to help you feel more at ease. our goal is to help make your dental care more comfortable and convenient – and to empower you to make your dental health a priority. At Stroud Dental, our number one priority is providing high quality affordable oral health care for your entire family. Our dental clinic is committed to cultivating a caring, family-friendly atmosphere. Our office is open weekdays and evenings, so your busy family doesn’t have to prioritize other commitments over maintaining good health.