About Stroud Dental

We are proud to be Innisfil’s family dental office offering all basic dental services. Our family dentists provide all dental care including root canals, implants, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, children, dentures, crowns, veneers, bridges, emergency care, and more.

A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning to achieve your optimal dental health. Stroud Dental will provide you and your family with the highest quality care using the most current technology.

Dr. Raphael Peleg

Dr. Raphael Peleg is a passionate and skilled dentist dedicated to providing exceptional dental care and creating beautiful smiles. Graduating from The University of Western Ontario in 2013, he has since become a trusted professional in the field of dentistry. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Peleg offers comprehensive dental services to his patients. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Peleg is a person with a zest for life. He cherishes spending quality time with his loved ones and values the importance of family and friendship. Whether it’s organizing gatherings, exploring new places, or simply enjoying a quiet evening together, he thrives on building and nurturing those connections that bring joy to his life. In addition to his love for people, Dr. Peleg is an avid sports enthusiast. He finds solace and excitement in playing basketball, where he not only keeps fit but also hones his teamwork skills. This dedication to sports reflects his commitment to collaboration and communication, which he seamlessly translates into his dental practice, creating a warm and welcoming environment for his patients. As a dentist, Dr. Peleg is particularly passionate about general dentistry and its transformative impact on patients’ lives. He firmly believes that a beautiful smile can boost one’s confidence and improve overall well-being. With his gentle touch and attention to detail, he strives to deliver personalized care, ensuring that each patient receives the highest level of treatment tailored to their unique needs. Dr. Raphael Peleg is a compassionate dentist who not only excels in his profession but also brings compassion, joy, and a commitment to excellence to every aspect of his life. His patients trust him to provide top-notch dental care, and his friends and family admire him for his genuine and caring nature.

Dr. Alex Karol

Dr. Karol, DDS, FICOI has been practicing dentistry over 15 years and it always been a great part of him as he comes from a Dental Professionals dynasty.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania graduated in top of his class.
  • Certified Dental Technician, graduated from Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (FICOI), Mini-residency, Toronto, ON.

Dr. Karol is very passionate about cosmetic procedures and implants. He stays up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry in order to provide the most current treatment options for his patients. During Dr. Karol’s spare time, he had traveled all around Europe, North America and had completed over 1000+ hours in continued education to advance his knowledge and professional skills.

Professional Affiliations

  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO)
  • Ontario Dental Association (ODA)
  • Canadian Dental Association (CDA)
  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
  • Alpha Omega Toronto Chapter

Dr. Karol is a tennis fanatic and he also enjoys camping, fishing and spending time with his wife Maria, their three kids and dog Phillip.

Dr. Stephanie Chen

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I have been a part of the Stroud Dental team since 2006 and, as such, know firsthand that delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a day’s work. Making this the motivation for our team and helping Dr. Kafka and Dr. Peleg carry out their vision for Stroud Dental is one of my many goals.

I am happy to answer your questions, plan for appointments, help resolve concerns and make your visits positive. It is important to me that each patient feels relaxed and confident in our office. It is truly a pleasure to work with colleagues that understand the meaning of teamwork. Stroud Dental has a fun yet professional atmosphere that make coming to work each day a positive experience.

I am a proud mother, grandmother and friend to many. I wear my heart on my sleeve and family is everything. When I’m not working, you will probably find me hosting or entertaining with family and friends. I have an infectious laugh, love to golf and according to my husband I have a shopping addiction.

Favorite outdoor activity: Golfing



I graduated as a certified level II chair side dental assistant from Georgian College and began working with Stroud Dental in 2012. It is so rewarding to see the bright smiles of all our patients on a daily basis! In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, and spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite outdoor activity: Swimming



I graduated as a certified level II chair side dental assistant from Georgian College and began working with Stroud Dental in 2012. It is so rewarding to see the bright smiles of all our patients on a daily basis! In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, and spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite outdoor activity: Swimming


I joined the Stroud Dental team in 2010 after graduating from Georgian College as a Certified Dental Assistant.

I like to make my patients feel at ease by building confidence, trust, and friendship on an individual level. I strive to continuously evolve my portfolio in order to stay up to date with current and relevant dental techniques and procedures. Continuing education is an important tool in successfully helping my patients achieve healthier dental hygiene.

When I am not caring for my patients, I love spending time with my husband and two sons visiting the cottage, and spending quality time outdoors.

Favorite outdoor activity: Sitting by the pool


I have been an active part of the dental field since 2001 starting as a dental assistant. I quickly became passionate about dentistry and it inspired me to further my education. Patient care is very important to me and as such I am always updating my education and knowledge of current patient care. I pride myself on being compassionate and gentle with patients. I aim to make my clients feel comfortable in the dental chair while furthering our dental relationship. When I’m not working I value spending quality time with my husband and two beautiful children.

Favorite outdoor activity: Exercising


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