Let’s talk about flossing and I don’t mean those dance moves your kids do. You need to floss daily, even if you’re on vacation or too tired after a long day of work. If you skip one day, it’s easy to skip another day. Then that day turns into weeks, then those weeks of not flossing turns into plaque; then that plaque turns into gingivitis, and that leads to a whole mess of problems. Maybe you have a reason to skip floss but I’m here to tell you there is NO good enough reason. Let’s talk about why…

7 Myths About Flossing
Only Floss When Food is Stuck in Your Teeth


Yes, you need to floss when you have food caught in your teeth. That doesn’t mean that it’s the only time to floss. You need to floss every day to keep your gums and teeth healthy! Even if you may not feel the food in between your teeth, it is most certainly there.

Flossing Is Too Difficult

Flossing use to be “difficult” but now, we have the convenience of dental floss picks. If you struggle with flossing consistently, try to use dental floss picks but remember to throw them in the recycling bin after!

Flossing Is Too Painful

Let me tell you why flossing may be painful…because you’re not doing it enough! Bad gums and cavities are painful but flossing isn’t. If you are new to flossing, you will find it painful. Once your gums are used to flossing the pain will go away. Actually, when flossing is painful it is often a sign that you have gingivitis, which is a much bigger problem.


Stop Flossing When Gums Bleed

Your gums are bleeding because they aren’t used to being flossed. You need to keep flossing even if they are bleeding. Eventually, they won’t bleed anymore but you got to give it time. If they continue to bleed, ask your dentist to go over the proper procedure for flossing. You want to keep the floss as close to the side of the tooth as you can as to not damage your gums. We love to show our patients the proper way to floss here at Stroud Dental!

Teeth Are Too Tight To Floss

Your teeth are tight? That’s common. Oral-B makes special floss for people with tight teeth, it’s called “Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Floss.” You could also try using a floss threader, like people with braces uses.

Can’t Floss Because Of Braces

There are many ways around flossing with braces. You can use a Waterpik, floss threader, or traditional flossing. Yes, you can do traditional flossing with braces. It will take longer and you will need to have wax floss, so the braces won’t break the floss.

Fillings Will Fall Out Due To Flossing

Yes, your filling may fall out while flossing. However, it’s probably not caused by you flossing. You could have broken the filling by biting too hard or something and flossing moved it enough to fall out. It’s very rare to lose a filling because of flossing. Not flossing isn’t the answer, you could lose much more by not flossing.  

Any reason not to floss is always a myth. Now that you have no reasons not to floss. Let’s talk about why you need to floss and what would happen if you don’t. There are so many dangers of not flossing.

7 Reasons To Start Flossing Daily
Bleeding Gums

I have never seen healthy gums bleed as a result of flossing or brushing. When you brush your teeth or floss and your gums start bleeding, you might have some type of gum disease. Gum diseases can cause you to lose teeth! To prevent gum disease, you need to floss daily. Gum disease is a direct result of built-up plaque, which causes gingivitis, which leads to gum disease…which can be non-reversible.


Tartar Buildup

Tartar likes to build up at the gum lines. Eventually tartar build up turns into gum disease.  Tartar is easy to take care of, unlike plaque. All you need to do is floss and brush daily.



Halitosis is chronic bad breath that isn’t easy to get rid of. Save your family and friends from bad breath. If you floss daily you will have better breath.


Tooth Loss

Tartar and plaque build up could lead to gum disease. Any gum disease causes your gums to start letting go of your teeth. Which is why bad gums cause tooth loss.



If your pregnant or a parent, you know how important it is to keep bacteria out of your body. If you don’t floss your leave that bacteria in your mouth and it can get into your bloodstream. If you’re pregnant it can get into the baby and affect the baby’s growth.

Yellow Teeth

Who doesn’t want white teeth? A bright, white smile to show that you love your teeth is a wonderful thing. If you don’t floss daily to remove the build-up, the build-up will take over your teeth.


We can’t forget about the cavities. Floss helps remove the bacteria that could cause tooth decay.

So why aren’t you flossing? I just told you 7 reasons to flossing and debunked your reasons not to. Your teeth and gums are just as important as your health. It’s time to take care of yourself!

Kids vs Flossing

Did you know, you can start flossing your children’s teeth at 2 to 3. The earlier you start flossing your kids’ teeth, the less they will battle with you. Kids under the age of 10, often need help flossing. If you are fighting with your kids to floss, try to get them more involved. Let them pick out their dental products. Brush your teeth and floss with your kids. Your children look up to you and often they will want to copy you. Brushing your teeth and floss doesn’t have to be boring, play some music in the background. Do some floss dance move, while your kid flosses! Just don’t hurt yourself. Music is also great for brushing teeth when a song finishes your done brushing.

Find Your Happy Place

You need to find the perfect floss for you! There are so many different types of floss. You can have waxed or wax free floss. Preferred flavours? There is more than just mint and plain. There is Cranberry, Peach, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, and there are lots of bizarre floss flavours. If you struggle to floss your teeth maybe your happy place is with dental floss picks. It makes it much easier to floss. There is also the option to floss with your teeth with water!

Your Next Appointment

It’s time to shock your dentist and dental hygienist! They know your floss habits. If you have bad floss habits but do a complete 180, your dentist and dental hygienist will notice. It’s an amazing feeling when they tell you how great your flossing. Plus, now you have no reason not to and so many reasons to floss.

Are you ready to shock your dentist and dental hygienist? Book an appointment today! Not a patient? Join our family!

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